Pinball Madness | Pinball Tournament
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Pinball Tournament
Saturday, October 20th

Max players: 40 – pre-register soon!

Cost: $25, 100% Payout, prizes and trophies to winners.

Qualifying Format: Target Match Play, 15 Points Needed to Qualify. 4 player groups, randomly selected games. Top 8 play A finals, 9-16 B Finals (restricted to WPPR 250 and below). Play until all 16 slots are filled or 5:30PM, whichever comes first. If possible, software tiebreakers will be used for finals seeding. Otherwise, random game playoffs as needed.

Qualifying Start Time: Check in at 11:30AM, move to waitlist/walkups at 11:45, tournament begins at 12.

Finals Format: PAPA Style, 3 Games, 4,2,1,0. Games will be divided into 4 banks of 3 consisting of a modern game, slightly older or SS era game and an Electromechanical. High seed gets bank choice and playing order choice for the first game only. Remaining games will be played in order of finish on the previous game. A bank may only be chosen once.

Finals Start Time: Check-in at 6:45, play at 7PM.