Pinball Madness | Pinball Tournaments
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Pinball Tournament
Saturday, October 20th

Max players: 60

Cost: $25, 100% Payout + Trophies for winners!

Qualifying Format: Target Match Play, 18 Points Needed to Qualify. 4 player groups, randomly assigned games. Top 8 play A finals, 9-16 B Finals (restricted to WPPR 250 and below). Play until all 16 slots are filled or 5:30pm, whichever comes first. If possible, software tiebreakers will be used for finals seeding. Otherwise, random game playoffs as needed.

Registration/Check-In: Open at 11am, tournament begins at 12noon. New for this year, practice session from 11am-12noon!

Finals Format: PAPA Style, 3 Games, 4,2,1,0 scoring.

Finals Check-In: 6:45PM, play begins at 7.

Women’s Pinball Tournament
Sunday, October 21st

Max players: Open to all women of all skill levels

Cost: $15

Format: Four strike knockout. Winners get cash. 1st place gets $500 gift certificate to Captain’s Auction. 

Registration/Check-In: 1pm in the tournament area

Tournament: 2pm

Sponsored by: Belles & Chimes Orange County and Captain’s Auction Warehouse